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instead of running water until it gets hot...use a hot pot and boil only what you need. 
By watching the number of gallons of water used - I managed to stay within the 1st tier of my water bill and every month my bill stays under $20.

Avoiding convenience stores. 
When you know that you have a day that you and your kids are going to be out doing errands take snacks and drinks with you. That way you save time and …

Using Cash 
For the past month, I decided to take out all of my living expenses in cash. The only money I leave in my checking account is for my automatic bill …

Save Money By Saving Electricity 
I started doing this years ago and some of you probably already know about it. Flip the switch in your electric box off! (The "breaker box" is usually …

Save Money By Saving Coffee Not rated yet
Coffee that sits on a burner for a while will taste bad, so then you have to throw it out. As soon as your coffee finishes brewing, turn off the burner …

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