Frugal Ideas Are Making A Big Comeback!

Frugal Ideas are making a big comeback as families try to return to basic budgeting guidelines. Being frugal is a key to surviving a recession, and getting past money problems.

Shopping online has officially made our "frugal tips" section! If you are willing to use credit cards online (some people will not), you can get some fantastic deals!

Other Thrifty Ideas and Tips....

  • Make smart money choices when getting credit cards. Reward points on cards can be really add up to big savings!
  • Remember Grocery Coupons?? Check out our page on why you should get back to basics with these oldies, but goodies!

  • Shop consignment shops and outlet centers for bargains on clothing and home decor items.
  • Make bigger meals and use leftovers for a tasty cheap meal, you know, Monday's lunch?
  • Go to a matinee movie. Its much cheaper than a night movie, and a great way to spend time with your family. Pick up those big, cheap snacks, and take them with you! Do not pay five bucks for that candy you can get at the dollar store!
  • Lots of people take advantage of the mega-super stores and supersized boxes at places like BJs and Sam's. They have some great bargains and are great ways to save money. However, be careful not to get sucked into buying a huge quantity of stuff you will never finish using, or even worse, that you will end up throwing out!

    There are millions of ways to save money without resorting to wearing rags and having no electricity. Make living well, but living cheaply, a hobby, and watch your savings grow!

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