Should Frugal Living Habits Embarrass You?

The phrase "frugal living" gets a bad rap. This is not about holing yourself up in your house, becoming a recluse, and burying your money in the backyard. Being frugal and thrifty, is smart!

"Living on a limited budget" may be a good description....    Hey! Aren't you already limited budget due to credit card debt, mortgage debt, loan debt??

Cheap living is thrifty living!

How is this defined? It is literally this: economical in the use of money or resources: thrifty. Thrifty sounds much better, doesn't it? We sometimes equate a word with a bad idea.That is not true with this word....this way is actually way better. (Unless you have money to burn!)

Debt reduction and budgeting is something to be commended, not mocked, not something to be embarrassed about. Money management through frugal living is smart, it does not make you a miser. Bargain hunting and saving money can make you frugal and free you from debt!

How do you live cheaply? Make a budget!

Cut spending. Track spending.As mentioned elsewhere on this site, once you arm yourself with knowledge about your personal finances, you can start winning the battle against money woes. Do not wait for the battle to become "do or die". Bring the fight to your checkbook!

Need some frugal living tips, thrifty tips?

  • Wear blue jeans more than once before washing (if you didn't do much more than wear them to the store). Cutting back on laundry saves energy, water, money and the environment!
  • Use cruise control when driving. Avoiding constant pedal pushing saves gas and increases gas mileage.
  • Don't go food shopping hungry or without a list. Both will almost certainly blow your grocery allotment!

Listen, it's actually fun when you can beat your own budget. The satisfaction that you a making headway will became addictive. So hoorah for saving money with good old fashioned common sense!

You will find common sense money saving ideas here soon.

Leave Frugal Living - Get back to learning how to make a budget !