Using Cash

by Nina
(Illinois, USA)

For the past month, I decided to take out all of my living expenses in cash.

The only money I leave in my checking account is for my automatic bill payments that either come off my credit card or are directly debited from my checking account.

I then have a certain amount that goes into my various savings accounts.

The other amount is for living expenses and a personal allowance. So things like groceries, dining out, movies, household items and entertainment. It's worked well to help me to see right away how much money I have left.

It makes me almost stingy because I want to end the two week period with some money left over... so that I can buy items to decorate my house.

It's definitely an incentive to spend only what I need to spend. So now I don't go crazy buying $100 worth of groceries when I really only need $35 worth!

I hope this tip is helpful to someone! says:

Never underestimate the joy of "beating your budget"! It makes those extra luxury purchases feel like you got them FREE! Thanks for the idea, Nina!

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May 09, 2016
I Agree!
by: Stephanie

Nothing makes you appreciate how much money you really have than using cash! Credit is great in and emergency, but wow, the finance charges add up!

Thanks for the tip!!!!

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