Is There Any Way To Pay Off Debt Quickly?

The answer here, sadly, may be NO!

Sorry, I'm a realist. And it's hard to pay off debt! To overcome financial problems that have accrued over the course of a few years is going to take discipline and work.

It's is not going to be as easy to get out of this mess as it was to get into it.

I know that you already know that, but I'm right there with you, wishing for a magic bullet.

The very best way to clear off financial obligations is to win the lottery! Probably not gonna happen. (Ever want to see something depressing? Read up on what happens to lottery winners after some time has gone by. They are usually broke! How sad.)

Okay. Onwards.

Before you can start reducing debt, you must get a handle on the amount of money you already owe and the interest rates you are being charged. That is one way to get shocked into realizing how deep you might be in, and how long it is going to take to pay off debt.

The first time I realized the years, YEARS, that I was going to spend getting out of debt I nearly fell on the floor. But, like you I went online looking for answers. Happily, answers are at our fingertips on the internet.

Start A Budget!

Once armed with a budget, you will probably see that your biggest challenge will be the credit card debt. You need to decide your plan of attack. There are many things you can explore.

  • Consolidate Debt
  • Snowball Payments
  • OVERPAY. Minimum payments will get you nowhere.
  • This handy calculator will give you an idea how long it will take you to pay off debt.